We are Training Incorporated and we are here to help people, teams and organizations develop.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!"
- Hellen Keller


We offer trainings for improving soft / hard skills but also certified trainings, with the goal to help people develop.

Focused around the principle “Together is better” our team building programs help individuals become a team.

Through 1-1 and team coaching sessions we help individuals and teams unlock their potential in order to become their best version.

We offer consultancy for people, teams and organizations with the goal to help them develop towards their best version.

Feedback from our clients

Intermedia Insights

It's amazing how much easier it has been to meet new people and create instant connections. I have the exact same personality; the only thing that has changed is my mindset and a few behaviors.

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Dragos Bicher - Fondator & CEO

Fonograf 304

Owning a start-up has proven to be a very challenging thing to do. However, through the coaching services from Training Incorporated I learned how to control my emotions when having to deal with various situations involving our employees. Furthermore, I developed my communication skills and I find it a lot easier now to talk with our existing and potential new client.

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Sorin Schiop - CEO

3D Fusion

After the training, I can say that I am a lot more confident with myself and can connect a lot easier with other people. I cannot say that my personality has changed, but my mindset and my behavior has improved a lot making me better as a person.

Paul Cristea - Fondator & CEO

BC CSU Sibiu

As a coach, you wish to lead a united team both on and off the court. That is why I wanted that some personal development specialists talk to my players about the importance of communication in developing a good chemistry and what the concept of a team should mean. The Training Incorporated team managed, for the second consecutive year, to make the players feel relaxed, then to be focused and in the and to get them involved in some activities completely new to them in order to get them out of their comfort zone. The fact that we could choose our captain in a democratic way during the same workshops was great!

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Dan Fleseriu - Antrenor

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